Monday, June 18, 2012

Of a day in a developer's life (or not!)

So, In the beginning of may I embarked on a new journey in my programming life. It was time to start learning Qt.
The journey began with a two week crash course of getting to know the Qt IDE and some of the APIs it offers. My previous C++ knowledge served as a great boost in steepening my learning curve. Last semester I had delved in to understanding the OMNET++ simulation environment and it kinda helped me understand Qt better.
As a requirement for the programme we have to develop a Qt based app and deploy it within a period of one month (read Rapid Application Development). It's been a long month I tell you.
I happened to change my application's UI a record 5 times (who does that?) and to add on that, am behind a proxy, which means no traffic can go through the simulator

All in all, It's been an enlightening journey and am not yet done. Qt is pretty amazing (that is, apart from the proxy issue thing). Am still tempted to explore animations in Qt Quick (the tutorials are amazing).

But it has come at price. Haven.t watched a movie for a while now. Heard MIB3 and Avenger's out :-D. I'll catch up at the right time. For now, I think this obligation is enough for now. One more week.... one more week... one... more..... wee......k.

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