Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Well, here goes something.... It's been a long time since I wrote on my own blog. It's approximately 1:27 in the AM, cant sleep and no, there's no caffeine in my bloodstream. totally natural me :-) Am sitting in front of this computer thinking, 'how did it come to this?' Don't be mistaken, I really love my life, totally enjoy it. But it's that season when every day, at about 1 PM the migraines kick in. Now you know what this means, if you don't, well.... just google it! You know you can type nonsense on your keyboard an still google will answer it for you ha? No? Sorry there's no GOOGLE 101, sorry. The migraines means I have to slow down on my habits of churning code and climbing that hill known as a learning curve. God!! I hate it when that happens. But you know what the rainy season is almost here and my spectacles will be replaced soon so, hurray! Another shot at my life infront of a computer for as long as I can stay awake! I'll assume that's it for tonight coz I'll go on till morning. On other news, am an information junkie - Back to business!!!

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